Community Seniors Visiting Al-Qaaem Site

On Wednesday 18th March 2015 the Gents Senior Citizens of HIC visited Al Qaaem Project site along with Office Bearers.  The attendees were mobile casino given a tour of the AQ site, where it was explained what was happening with the project and what is still yet to happen. It was well received with our respected seniors giving their kind encouragement and du”as.

From this tour we received some very positive feedback:

  • “The building & structure is coming up fast”
  • “It is pleasing to see that the ladies will have access to such large facilities”
  • “The ladies and kids will be reaping the benefits of the new facilities”

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Al-Qaaem Project Update Spring 2015‏

It is with the guidance of our twelfth Holy Imam, Hazrat Muhammad Mahdi (A.S), that we have the opportunity to update you on the progress of our Al-Qaaem project at HIC Peterborough UK.

Building Construction:

The Management Committee and the Al-Qaaem Project team are in constant contact with Brother Mahmood Al Najar from the builders; Prestige Group. Site managers are communicating and updating Brother Mahmood on a daily basis. All committees and teams from Prestige Group and Al-Qaaem are meeting on a monthly meeting onsite.

The main steel structure of the Al-Qaaem project is complete. This has given a fantastic visual understanding of how grand the extension is. The magnitude of work that needs to be carried out is underestimating but Alhamdulillah work is constantly progressing.

The next phase of our project is to complete the structural shell. Over the month of March, the block and beam flooring will be laid. This is a pivotal part of the groundwork flooring. The theory behind this, is for beams to be laid horizontally and bricks vertically to provide a foundation that is sturdy, steady and meeting current building standard regulations.

Once the block and beam flooring is complete, the external shell of Al-Qaaem project will speed up exponentially. Over the month of April, the bricks for the outer shell of building will be constructed and we will start seeing a visual external shape of the new Al-Qaaem project.

Building Site Tour:

A few weeks ago, the Al-Qaaem project team took the management committee and ladies committee of an external site tour. Alhamdullilah six gents and five ladies spent the afternoon going through site plans and being updated on the progress of the builders.

Ladies Secretary, Sister Sayedah Jessa Damani: “It is fantastic to see how the project is going. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast everything is progressing. Mashallah, it shows that all our fundraising is helping this complete quicker, than I first initially thought.”

On the 18th March, after the Seniors program, the elders of our community will Inshallah have the opportunity to have a supervised site tour. This will include an update of current construction that is being undertaken.

We would be delighted to accompany you to see the site and therefore the Al-Qaaem team are currently organsing an open tour for all of our community. If you would like a tour of the project please email: This is a fantastic opportunity to see the site with your own eyes and understand the progress the site has been undertaking.


Alhamdullilah with the support from our community and the donors, over the last two months we have managed to raise an outstanding £95,000.00!! Mashallah this is a fantastic amount raised over very little time.

In the total above, our own community contributed an incredible amount of £35,000.00. This amount was raised on the Wiladat program of our Holy Prophet! A big thank you to everybody that purchased a share from our classroom scheme. That calculates to 175 individual shares being sold in one evening!! If you would like to purchase a share in our classroom share scheme, the price of an individual share is £200. Please contact a member of the Al-Qaaem team for more information.

We continuously speaking and meeting with individuals who are wanting to donate to our project. We have had several donors who have given us large amounts in interest free loans.

We remind all to please donate any Khums money to our treasury team.

Alhamdullilah by the grace of Allah (SWT) Our community is forever growing and this project is the foundations to give our kids and future generations an environment where they congregate, learn and feel safe. Our Husaini Madrasah is in the process of running a pilot syllabus scheme for COEJ, the Husaini Youth team have held multiple fundraisers and activities to help interfaith relations, the Al-Mahdi cadets activities are now reaching more kids through more activities and Shia Sports club have more attendance in their sessions than ever before. This shows that the youth of our community want to be part of this community and it is our responsibility to provide them with that environment.

We humbly ask that you remember the Al-Qaaem project within your prayers. It is with your support that all of this can be achieved.

Ways You Can Help:

* Forward your donations to the treasurer or visit the fund raising page. (read more…)


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Al-Qaaem Project Peterborough Appeal and Update November 2014

The Construction of the Al Qaeem Project of the Peterborough Jamaat (UK) is underway and the Jamaat has a current shortfall of 1.2 million pounds and Mumineen are requested to donate generously towards this project.

The Al Qaeem Project has been approved by both the Council of European Jamaats and The World Federation. Details of the Project are available at

Mumineen wishing to pay from the Sehme Imam [A.S.] portion of the khums are able to do so with the permission of the Ijaza of Ayatullah al Uzma Syed Ali Hussein Al Seestani accorded to The World Federation.

The full amount of Khums [Sehme Imam A.S. and Sehme Sadat] should be forwarded to either The Council of European Jamaats or to The World Federation stating the specific purpose of Sehme Imam [A.S.]. Agha Seestani’s receipt will be issued accordingly. The Sehme Imam portion, in strict compliance with the Ijaza

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would then be remitted to The Muslim Khoja Shia Ithna Asheri Community of Peterborough for The Al-Qaaem Project.

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AQ Fundraising in Mombasa 24th Aug 2013

As part of the Al-Qaaem Project International fundraising campaign, the Al-Qaaem fundraising team visited Mombasa, Kenya on Saturday 24th August 2013.

A special presentation was given by Al Haj Razahusein Rahim on behalf of the Al-Qaaem Project to raise awareness of the project including the project background, milestones and plans for the future.

The campaign was well-received by the members of Mombasa Jamaat.  We hope that many of the believers will join in contributing towards this noble cause.

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Thursday 18th July 2013

AQ team finalised the documentations with the preparation of delivery of the final

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tender paperwork.

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Tuesday 09th July 2013


team met with window, tile and stone specialist to finalise design. Also finalised the plans with mechanical engineer.

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AQ Welcomes the delegate 26th June 2013

Salaam ‘Alaykum

Husaini Islamic

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Centre Senior Citizens had the honour to welcome the President of World Federation Al Haj Asgherali Moledina and office bearers of Africa Federation; Al Haj Anwerali Dharamsi (President), Al Haj Shabbir Najafi (Vice President), Al Haj Aunali Khalfan (Secretary) and Muhammad Hemani (Treasurer) and the HIC office bearers and Al Qaaem team were also invited. The Al Qaaem project was presented to the delegates and they were given a tour of the AQ site, which was well received. The delegates gave their encouragement and duas along with a sizeable pledge to take us to our first milestone.

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Tuesday 25th June 2013

Salaam ‘Alaykum,

On the Wiladat programme of the 12th Imam (atfs), of 15th Shabaan 1434 , all the members were briefed by the President Al Haj Abbas Walji, Vice President Al Haj Salim Rehmatullah of the Husaini Islamic Centre and Al Haj Razahusein Rahim about the financial situation of the project and targets to be met. A fundraising drive was launched and a substantial amount was raised locally. All the members were thanked

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for their generosity.

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Weekly Meeting 20th June 2013

Salaam ‘Alaykum,

Today the Al-Qaaem team met to continue discussions on the Al-Qaaem Project. Matters discussed included:

Work continues at a steady pace and Inshallah the discussions will continue when the Al-Qaaem team meets again.

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