Khums Ijazah

Alhamdulillah, planning permission for the Al-Qaaem Project was granted in April 2011 and is valid until May 2018.

We have been given permission through the World Federation to use the Ijazah granted by Ayatullah Sistani to collect khums funds for this project, having gone through a vigorous process with the Council of European Jamaats and World Federation.  Necessary documentation can be made available to interested parties.

The project has been progressing through its different stages, but needs to raise funds in the amount of Pounds £3,200,000.00.  We urge the believers to participate in this project and support it.

We invite all the believers to help, assist and support this construction of “Al-Qaaem Project” through contributing in as much as possible.  May Allah (s.w.t) bless the little offered and make it grow.

We ask the Almighty Allah (s.w.t) to shower you with His Mercy and bless you and your family.

See attachment for copy of the letter